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The 6S Institute


Physical: Core/Balance

Mental: Emotional control


Physical: Weight Training

Mental: Confidence/Mental Toughness


Physical: Biometrics & condition

Mental: Ambition & Motivation


Physical: Talent, Agility, Speed

Mental: Coping Skills


Physical: Work demands

Mental: Resilience & Optimism


Physical: Endurance, Conditioning

Mental: Determination & Perseverance 

The 6S Institute has been serving the Boston, Massachusetts area since 2008 (formerly MBX Training) and most recently in Boca Raton, Florida. Founded by Dr. Mark Stonkus, The 6S Institute provides comprehensive services designed to assist those who find themselves struggling in some way of life, or those striving for elite accomplishment while avoiding common pitfalls and crises associated with the demands of excellence.

We've worked with tremendous clients over the years, including: professional athletes in all major and collegiate sport leagues, corporate executives seeking to optimize teamwork, moms and dads seeking fitness and parenting support, soldiers preparing for career in special forces, and students of all ages seeking support with grades, co-curriculars, and  the challenges of being a kid these days.

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Thanks to Tony Villani and XPE Sports allowing us to assist with NFL Combine training.

In this clip, Mark helps the team at XPE Sports prepare Johnny Bananas for the NFL Draft!

Our Team

Dr. Mark Stonkus

Mark developed The 6S Institute and The 6S Academy to promote the true combination of brain and body optimization. Too often, our minds and bodies are trained separately (or not at all), resulting in missed opportunities for health, happiness, and achievement. Over the course of his career as therapist, coach, teacher/professor, consultant, and student, Mark has witnessed the highs and lows of what life can bring to all ages and levels, and has generated a specialized approach to helping people optimize their "well-being and well-doing."

    A three-sport athlete at both Boston College High School and Tufts University, Mark went on to complete master’s degrees in mental health counseling and education (Boston College and Fitchburg State University) and then completed his doctorate in counseling and sport psychology at Boston University. While at BU, Mark developed and statistically validated the Inventory of Mental Toughness Factors in Sport (IMTF-S©), which is a scientific measurement of mental toughness now being used by select sports programs internationally. His research initiatives in mental toughness, sport science, mental health, and human behavior have afforded him the privilege of evaluating the most innovative advances in the field, while also utilizing such resources in private practice. Mark has served as adjunct faculty at various colleges and universities in the Boston area, and continues to expand his research and publication interests while also consulting with schools, companies, and sports programs worldwide.

    Mark's rare combination of education and experience in counseling, teaching, coaching in areas of strength & conditioning, mental toughness, and mental health allows for the unique understanding and ability to assist clients of all ages and levels. He and his team have implemented the programs of the 6S Institute to support various populations seeking to optimize health, performance, and happiness.

Nicholas Cox

Jack Dirico

Trevor Hale

Trevor graduated from Connecticut College in 2020. At Connecticut College he studied studio art, elementary education, and human development. While there, he did his student teaching in a second grade classroom at Harbor Elementary School. Trevor also worked in an elementary art classroom at Harbor Elementary where he assisted in the creation of the art curriculum for kindergarten-fifth grade students. He also worked with the Connecticut College Children’s Program in the toddler's room. For the past five years Trevor has spent his summers working with Jose Abreu, founder of Cambiando Vidas in the Dominican Republic building houses for members of the San Juan community.

Trevor leads our creative youth programs.. He has worked with the 6S Institute as both an employee and client for over 13 years.

Trevor is a Hingham, MA native. He attended Deerfield Academy where he played varsity football and track and field. In his free time, he enjoys painting, yoga, hiking, pick-up basketball and weight lifting.

George Whitelaw

George graduated from Dexter Southfield in 2008 where he played basketball, golf, cross country and tennis. In 2012, he graduated from Gettysburg College with a bachelor's degree in psychology (he originally started studying economics, but found passion in psychology). There, he played 4 years of golf and was a 3 time letter winner and captain of the team senior year.

In 2020, Geroge graduated from William James College  with a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. He has spent over a year working at McLean Hospital in the bipolar and schizophrenic inpatient unit and 5 additional years working in an outpatient setting as a mental health therapist.

George has spent many summers teaching junior golf clinics at the Duxbury Yacht Club and one summer acting as the assistant professional, teaching members on a part time basis.