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Welcoming Mark to speak to our student athletes at Wesleyan University was the first ever presentation organized by Hope Happens Here, a student-led mental health organization that aims to promote and destigmatize mental health issues. The timing of the presentation couldn’t have been better as COVID-19 still greatly impacted everyday life but intercollegiate athletics were set to resume. The student athletes wanted to hear about how to reengage a competitive mindset while others wanted to hear about handling the loss of a season and the end of an athletic career. Mark answered all of these questions and more in a positive, fluid, and engaging presentation. The messages were practical and easily applied to sport and mental health. Mark’s take on mental health and mental performance resonated with the entire Wesleyan Athletics community. It is without hesitation that I’d recommend Mark and his wisdom to any athlete or coach. - Scott B.- Wesleyan University Athletics

   I first met Dr. Stonkus over 2 years ago.  He has worked with both of my kids to improve both their academic and athletic skills.  He has done physical and mental training with them and I have seen tremendous results both in their sports and in the classroom.  They have so much more confidence in their skills and enjoy working with him tremendously.  He is such a pleasure to be around and dedicated to everyone he works with.  He has become not only person they work with but a mentor and friend.  I cannot recommend him enough.  - Parent of high school students- Boca Raton, FL

    Mark has been wonderful to collaborate with as we have worked to craft the vision for wellness at St. John's Prep these past 8 years.  His willingness to share his extensive knowledge and discuss strategic initiatives has been a blessing.  His work with our parent community through educational programming has been impactful.  Mark has a disarming nature that allows people to shed their defensive posture and truly hear a much needed message about adolescent wellness and how schools and families can support the holistic development of our students and children.  His presentations combine the most up to date research with wonderful practical insight into the adolescent mind, body and spirit.  I cannot think of a better partner for any school that is looking to enhance their focus on wellness. - Principal/Associate Head of School- St. John's Prep, Danvers, MA

    It’s my privilege to recommend Mark Stonkus to you. I have known Mark for about ten years now. Mark was recommended to me as a counselor with a unique ability to reach young people in crisis and lead them toward positive goals, using sports conditioning as a motivational platform for growth.

    Mark helps each student identify areas in which they can improve, and insists on the establishment of specific milestones to be achieved. He builds positive and productive thinking, discouraging dependency upon negative habits (e.g. smoking etc.) and helping the young adult see his or her way to a productive and positive future.

    Recently I had a conversation with one young adult who worked briefly with Mark a few years ago. Nowadays she is married with a successful career. Back then, she recalled, she was “stuck” in negativity. Some goal-setting work with Mark helped her get out of her rut. Mark is well-trained as an adjustment counselor however he brings a particular high-energy forward-looking approach to his work, getting the young person focused, not on past disappointments, but on making positive steps each day and each week toward building a productive and rewarding life. I would characterize his work as that of instilling HOPE in the young person’s thinking.

    I am concluding my 35th year of independent school administration. It’s my belief that Mark Stonkus’ experience and training qualify him for school leadership. Mark is well-organized, has a fine sense of humor, is insightful about both individual students and the needs of contemporary young adults. He is an excellent communicator and a very dynamic individual. Looking back through my own years in education, I have to count Mark among the most unique, inspirational, and energetic people I have encountered during all of those years.  - J. Harry Lynch, Headmaster, The Newman School- Boston, MA    

    When our son was at a low point in his sophomore year of high school, we sent him to Mark in hopes he could reinvigorate him.  Through challenging, physical, one-on-one workouts, Mark was able to connect with our son and bring him back both mentally and physically.  He helped our son gain awareness and perspective of why he was struggling, this combined with the physical training, enabled our son to get back on track.  We highly recommend Mark for his excellent work with teenagers. - Parents of high school student- Boca Raton, FL

    I believe that everyone can use a little bit of Mark Stonkus in their lives. He has incredible patience, understanding and the ability to really hear the person he is helping. Mark Stonkus has the abilities to change lives- Parent of elementary school students- Boca Raton, FL

I met Mark Stonkus over ten years ago. I first knew him as an athletic trainer who stood out from the crowd of trainers with his blend of intense physical training combined with a focus on psychological training. He had a unique style that made his gym a favorite for so many people - always positive and with great energy, people lined up to be a part of what Mark was offering. He started working with my children in middle school and did his magic with all of them tailoring his sessions to meet each of their needs. Besides the obvious benefits of physical training he became a true friend and helped them along their way into adulthood. Mark's mental health counseling skills became a crucial benefit in our relationship with him. When one of our sons began having problems in high school with substance abuse Mark not only helped him navigate his way to health but he also helped the rest of our family though this very tough time. We had a difficult road with our son to say the least, but Mark helped all of us stay the course and he never gave up - even after moving far away. Its been five years since this difficult time and Mark is still a major part of my son’s life and we all consider him a good friend for life. I can't imagine how we would have gotten to where we are today without Mark’s help. - Parent of college student/athletes- Boston, MA

    We have known Mark for several years. He has helped our son tremendously, as a person and as an athlete. Mark is understanding, easy to talk with and a great listener who gives sound advice. His advice has helped and continues to help our son take risks and not be afraid to speak his mind, especially when different from others. Mark Stonkus is a great guy to have in your corner. - Parent of high school athlete- Boca Raton, FL

    Mark has been an instrumental part of my physical and mental growth throughout high school.  His workouts are challenging yet enjoyable and motivate me to push myself beyond my comfort zone.  His knowledge of sports science is extensive, and he has used this knowledge to help many athletes, like myself.  - High school athlete- Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    The most telling thing about Mark’s training programs for me is that the mentally strongest people want his training the most. Over 8 years of referring athletes to him it became obvious that the mentally strongest ones wanted the testing most and applied his training in sports and all areas of their life.

   Mark has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life, the death of my Mom and the end of a long relationship. He has helped me achieve several personal and professional goals beyond my ability to imagine; working with top PGA Tour players, qualifying for the US Senior Open at age 51, becoming a founder of a software company at 53, He did this by teaching me how to consciously be mentally resilient by using his principles. 

   I am grateful for every conversation I have the privilege of sharing with him and my hope is that athletes of all ages gain an awareness that his life’s work and its applications are fundamental to success as an athlete and enjoying your life. - Kendal Yonomoto, CEO Virtruvia Systems Inc. - Vancouver, BC

Since starting the 6S Institute, I’ve lost over 90lbs, and more importantly, I feel so much better about myself. The routines flow seamlessly and before you know it, the session is over. Great mix of cardio, strength training, core work, and the mental exercises and added stretching and relaxation techniques make it unlike anything else I’ve ever tried. It’s been the most effective fitness program for me.  - Anthony R., Boston, MA

The 6S Institute provided me with mental and physical training that I didn’t even know was out there or that I needed. There was no one else that could provide such a comprehensive workout to improve all systems of the body and prepare me for all future endeavors.   - Active Duty, Member of US Special Operations Forces

The tools and training methods that I cultivated in the 6S Institute training program have helped create a rock solid foundation to help improve all aspects of my mental and physical wellness. Going through the special operations selection process I felt that it gave me a leg up on my peers in my ability to block out distractions and focus on accomplishing the task at hand. I find myself regularly falling back on habits I learned with Clutch whether it’s in the work setting or during intense workouts at the gym. This program will change the way you look and approach obstacles and help you level up.  - Active Duty, US Air Force

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